What Am This Thing Called CHAD?

You're asking the right questions!

CHAD, The Center for Humorism and Amusement Dynamics is a not-yet-profitable organization committed to the expansion of global unconsciousness. CHAD CHATS, our ongoing multimedia infotainment series, has already blown thousands of minds by inviting key problem-solvers from the fields of science, laughter and thought control to give truly awe-inspiring PowerPoint presentations on topics dear to their brains.

CHAD Yesterday … And Beyond!

Our founder, Chad "CHAD" Bismuith, was the Platonic ideal of a man dedicated to Platonic ideals. A phenomenologist by birth, he exhibited such precocious philosophical limberness that at the age of twelve he convinced his own parents they did not exist. Finding himself orphaned in the hardscrabble Californian coal town of Humo Vista he studied law, philosophy and shoplifting, eventually becoming the town's wealthiest felon.

While evading authorities in the California desert in 1935, a mystical encounter with rattlesnakes, lightning and moldy wheat changed his life forever. He renamed himself "CHAD: Management Synergist" and became a wandering guru and circus sideshow performer, muttering mystical secrets of organizational excellence to crowds of amused onlookers while gesturing with a long wooden baton toward the empty space behind and to the left of him.

It wasn't until the invention of the slide projector in 1956 that CHAD's true genius began to be appreciated. Soon, the CHAD message found an audience in boardrooms and nursing homes across the west. Upon his retirement, Bismuith established the CHAD Institute to continue his hard work of prying open the world's minds and blowing vigorously.

CHAD To The Future!

Just like the universe, the CHAD mission expands mysteriously. At CHAD we believe tomorrow is the future, and that better is always more: more conferences, more lectures and Internet memes, more thought-provoking bumper stickers and ringtones. Our teeming tank of CHAD thinkers is already thinking up newer and deeper thoughts, and thoughts about thoughts.

For that is our mission: to expand the hard-working consciousnesses of simple people throughout the universe. Wherever minds remain unblown, CHAD will come to blow them.