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Experience CHAD during Seattle Sketch Comedy Month!

The CHAD Needle

Get your brain out of the house this month, and take it someplace special!
CHAD, the Center for Humorism and Amusement Dynamics, returns to Seattle on Friday June 21st with not one but TWO programs of mind-enlarging, mirth-enhancing PowerPoint. Learn to battle robots in your dreams! Enter a guided shopping meditation! See how cutting-edge science can be used to cut actual things!
PLUS! At this special event we share the podium with sketch-comedy scientists ENTERTAINMENT SHOW and CHARLES.
It's all part of the month-long hullabaloo that is SEATTLE SKETCH COMEDY MONTH! Already in progress, it features awesome talent from around the Sound and beyond every weekend in June.
Get a ticket while they're hot:! (CHAD shows are at 7pm and 8:30pm on Friday, June 21st at The Ballard Underground.) Your mind will thank you!

CHAD Chats: The Future Of Soon!


CHAD Chats — The Future Of Soon!

Thursday, May 17, 8pm
@ The Jack London Bar
529 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR

CHAD Chats are back! The CHAD Institute — a not-yet-profitable foundation dedicated to expanding and collapsing the human mind — returns with an all-new evening of satirical PowerPoint presentations from some of the finest minds in Humor, Science, Literature, Infotainment and Other Important Subjects.

  • Comedian and World Palindrome Champion MARK SALTVEIT will audiovisualize "The Mystical History of Palindromes: Revelations of Sotadic Truth."
  • Local pro-life advocate CARRIE TWOTERM (assisted by Whitney Streed) will engage in a scientific, religious, and dialectic discussion with herself entitled "Where Babies Come From, Where They Go When They Die, and Why This All Is Your Fault."
  • Magician JUSTIN HANES will delve into the science of non-science with "Tomorrow's Yesterday: Why Alastair Crowley Was Right."
  • Global inspiration pioneer and internal power mentor LANCE BANKS—creator of LanceLife, the Comprehensive Total Life System—will wow the unwowed with his motivational presentation “Let’s Get Down to Business.
  • World-renowned astrophysicist and beloved internet meme CARL SAGAN (channeled by Christian Ricketts) returns with a fresh slideshow on "The Importance of Science in our Daily Lives."
  • Famous author MYKLE HANSEN will introduce the presenters, present the introducers, and master ceremoniously throughout the evening.

At CHAD Chats enlightenment, endrinkenment and enlaughenment are scientifically assured! Presentations begin promptly at 8pm on Thursday, May 17th at The Jack London Bar, located at 529 SW 4th Ave in the basement of the Rialto Poolroom. $5 – $10 sliding scale admission. Music and stimulating chit-chat to follow the show.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact mykle (at) or streed.jokes (at), follow @thinkchad on Twitter, or navigate to our interweb sitenet at .