CHAD returns to Seattle to SAVE THE BRAINS!


We can save them!

CHAD Chats [Satirical PowerPoints on Science, Comedy, Trolls, Etc.] Return to Seattle to SAVE THE BRAINS!

WHEN: Thursday, November 7th, 2013, 7:30pm (doors at 7pm)

WHERE: The Jewelbox Theater at Rendezvous, 2322 2nd Ave., Seattle WA

ADMISSION: $15 in advance. Tickets on sale now at

FOR MORE INFO OR PHOTOS: Contact Whitney Streed at and Mykle Hansen at

The Portland-based Center for Humorism and Amusement Dynamics (CHAD) is deeply chuffed to announce the lineup for Seattle's first ever ninety-minute conference of CHAD Chats! These satirical PowerPoint Presentations from today's leading thinkers, achievers and hopers will all focus their attention on that most deserving of endangered body parts: the human brain!  Powerful yet delicate, thoughtful yet squishy, human brains perform hundreds of important tasks every day, yet they have never had their own telethon … until now!

This in-depth, mirth-provoking event will feature mind-soothing beverages, mind-relaxing seats, and mind-expanding presentations from some of the most dynamic speakers who have ever lived, spoken or had brains:

– Fedora authority and skaficionado RANDAL "RANDY" TUTONE [Carson Creecy] will perform an explanation of "How to Start a Band Without Really Trying: A Brief History of Ska (Music?)";

– Internet comedy and creepy doll experts DANIELLE K.L. GREGOIRE and MITCH MITCHELL will explore the world of "Trolls in the 21 Century";

– Word magician and johnson master ELISSA BALL will delve into the important topic of "Boner Jokes: Growth Market of the Future";

– Tomato sauce guru and inanimate object PETE ZABOX [Phil Schallberger (Seattle Sketchfest, SLC Comedy Carnivale)] will present a thrilling treatise on "Real Estate and Civil Engineering";

– Plus an original motivational presentation from global inspiration pioneer LANCE BANKS [Wally Fessler & Josh Fisher] of LanceLife (Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Austin SketchFest)!

– Hosts Famous Author MYKLE HANSEN and Mirth Doula WHITNEY STREED will shepherd the evening's presentations and SAVE the evening's BRAINS!

CHAD's deep experience with thought-based ideas helps us keep our finger on the pulse of the public brainspace.  CHAD Chats have been featured at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, SketchFest Seattle, and the Improlympia Comedy Festival at Evergreen State College.  The Portland Mercury called CHAD Chats “a bonafide hoot!"

This very special infotainment program is open to brain-owners and the brain-curious ages, but seating is limited.  The show starts promptly at 7:30 (doors at 7pm) on Thursday November 7th at the historic Jewelbox Theater, located at 2322 2nd Ave. Admission is $15 in advance available at; tickets will also be available at the door.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Whitney Streed at or Mykle Hansen at, follow @chadbot on Twitter, or navigate to our interweb sitenet at . Thank you for supporting live comedy in Seattle!

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