Secrets of CHAD … revealed!

A profile on CHAD Chats by Jule Gilfillan, now up at Oregon Public Broadcasting's official site!

Last November, I attend a pilot presentation for an organization about which I knew very little. I arrived at the dimly lit bar in North Portland and was greeted by a friendly man in a suit — a Soylentis Spokesmodel, I later learned — who handed me a nametag.

"Hello my name is CHAD," it read.

As my eyes adjusted, I realized we were all "CHAD." What was this mysterious CHAD? I wondered.

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Everything For Nothing!

At CHAD 2011, REUBEN NISENFELD showed us how to harness the power of nothing … to do nothing … to everything!

2011: The Year In CHAD Chats

CHAD CHATS, the 2011 Conference d'CHAD, took place at Portland's SARATOGA BAR on November 11th of that year.  Whitney Streed, CHAD Executive Directrix and professional Mistress of Ceremonies, was our cheerful and thought-provoking hostess. No less than five mirthful, mindblowing multimedia CHAD Chats were delivered, leaving conference attendees simultaneously stunned and refreshed.  This helpful chart illustrates the impressive degree of mind-expansion that took place:

That evening Virginia Jones, Professor Emeritus at the NIKE Institute For The Study Of Just Doing It, unveiled the secret connection between Abraham Lincoln's assassination and men's pants.  Social scientist Dax Jordan explored the astrophysics of gender. Applied Poeticist Reuben Nisenfeld demonstrated the power of Nothing.  Our very special guest the late Carl Sagan (channeled by Christian Ricketts) deftly summarized the universe.  And Soylentis Spokesmodel Mykle Hansen enthused about how kittens can end world hunger.

The entire evening's CHAD tableau of cranium-fellating infotainment chats were documented by the crack CHAD team of on-site documentarians, led by Dr. Danny Norton. All of these videos will soon be available on internet websites near your head, as part of CHAD's ongoing mission to plant healthy ideas in the fertile minds of vegetables.